A natural and perfect solution for hair loss!

Whether you are pregnant, breastfeeding
Or are you tired of the amount of hair left on the brush.

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Because our hair comes naturally like every other part of our body, we want to treat it as naturally as possible.
The research we did brought us to the realization that there are certain plants in nature that we can concoct in perfect harmony with each other, and create a natural formula of solution that helps prevent hair loss, and even more – even regrow new hair!
The plants in the formula are rich in vitamins, minerals, amino acids, saponins, tannins, flavonoids and other compounds that enhance the hair and skin.
In the following pages, you will see which plants we use to make our products.

Welcome to our beautiful world!

What plants do we use?

Psorala fruit

Chinese medicine serves to relax and relieve stress and mental stress

Puree Coconut Mushroom

Calms the heart and soothes the soul, strengthens spleen and moisturizes, helps against insomnia.

Root aceranthis root

strengthens liver and spleen activity, producing iron that contributes greatly to hair regrowth


Rosemary has been used for hundreds of years as a recommended treatment for hair loss.

Chinese Lichium

also called the "juvenile plant" - Lichi is a rich source of nutrients for nourishing hair. The ingredients are micro-circulating active substances and are the ones that are able to nourish the hair follicles

Couscote seeds

enters the liver and kidney tracts. The plant seeds strengthen the yin and yang of the kidneys and nourish the ging, which has a strong effect on the reproductive system


The plant’s efficacy in treating benign prostatic gland by disrupting the mechanism that turns testosterone into hydro-testosterone (DHT). The same DHT hormone is also responsible for male dropout. Silica.

Multipellory polygonum root

strengthens the liver and kidneys, suitable for a variety of syndromes. This plant is mild and delicate, so it can be consumed for years without interfering with the middle heater in the digestive processes. Full of a natural diet for the hair root.

Nancy Palm

The addition of Nancy Palm to our formula, helps inhibit the activity of hormone DHT, which causes baldness and also a benign increase in prostate gland.

Medical sage

The sage plant has many medicinal properties. The plant is antiseptic, antiviral, antiallergic, soothing and relieves pain and benefits the skin.

Angelica sinensis root

strengthens blood and regulates circulation: pale gray appearance, tinnitus, blurred vision, palpitations, amenorrhea, dysmenorrhea, irregular cycle. Blood Motivator and Cold Diffuser: Abdominal pain, trauma, Dysmenorrhea, chronic Bi, pain against the background of cold (mainly in the canals).

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