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Hi, my name is Barak, I’m the owner and founder of Forest Element, the product line manufacturer Fa-Gen.

At age 30, I was exposed to the world of hair loss, and after a few years in the marketing and businesses areas, I decided to break the wheel and understand why exactly does our hair falls out?

So, hair loss is not accidental, it has a reason, even many reasons.

And after realizing that, I contacted people who buy such and other products to try to understand what purpose they wanted to reach. I got lots of different answers, but most of them were: prevent hair loss.

The products I’ve heard of, and some of which I’ve also tried, contain chemicals and may well address the problem, but once we stop treatment and the body does not receive the chemical it has become accustomed to, it may return to drop out perhaps faster than it was before taking the product.

I quickly realized what was the best solution in my opinion to help prevent hair loss and maybe help it regrow in some cases.

You have to come out with a completely natural product, all ingredients of which comes from nature.

I’ve heard of quite a few people searching for the perfect formula for the preparation they want to make, whether it’s specialty beer made from specialty grains, wine from a distant grape compound, acne ointment, special under-chin serum, and many other interesting products.

But I didn’t think I would eve belong to this group either, so I would go and find and look in distant places for the formula I think would win the fallout, or maybe  – to regrow hair.

But one thing led to another and I found myself searching for plants and oils and running between manufavturers to find the plant that would need to refine and formulate these plant extracts in perfect perfection.

I’ve met a lot of wonderful people along the way, I tried to assemble the product in several different factories.

Testing dozens of different plants and internet researches night after night after night – made me understand what might work better and what less.

And now, after a long time, I created my first 2 formulas and I treat every bottle like I treat my kids. I wrap them up, listen to them, hear the sound of the liquid or tablets in the inside and it makes music to my ears.

Each of the bottles is handled personally and entered into a relationship with me until it reaches the customer.


And if I haven’t started telling you that – then I’m really happy to see you here and believe you’ll find the unique product here that will help you prevent hair loss or alternatively – grow new hair in your head.

Come on, join the club – there are only good things here




Barak Ch.


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